Cleaning process

Each club is unique and different from others, Plomb & Ecologic provides customised work and is 100% flexible based on the needs of your shooting club. Prior to the collection work the grounds will be analysed and the best solution will be offered to proceed with the cleaning of the areas containing lead waste.

1) Analysis of the grounds

Carried out during a visit to the facilities to check the volume of existing lead and test the feasibility of the project. At the end an estimate of the duration of the work is carried out and a timetable is planned.

2) Commencement of work: extraction and screening

Both surface and hidden pellets deposited in the soil are removed, and purification and screening equipment separates the elements from the soil through filtration processes.

3) Soil Replacement

Already processed soil is replaced in a uniform way.

All works are performed in situ, no soil is removed from the shooting facilities.

The soil of your facilities will remain intact and in better visual conditions than prior to cleaning.

4) Final pellet cleaning

The remaining soil attached to the pellets are cleaned through blasting processes, so that its later casting and alloying can be carried out correctly.

5) Transport

The material is regularly transported to foundries specialised in recycling and treatment of lead waste.