Frequently asked Questions

- What is the methodology of work on the grounds?

A few centimetres of soil is removed from the ground and is processed to separate the lead pellets from the ground. This process will be carried out using manual shovels or with light machinery to avoid damaging the grounds. You can decide how you want us to work based on your concerns and needs.

Soil that is already clean is immediately replaced while pellets are deposited in containers or bags for later removal.

- Does our club have to change its shooting schedules?

Not in any way. We fully adapt to your shooting schedules.

As long as the cleaning lasts, you won’t have to change schedules, much less close the range. We can even work at night if required by your schedule.

- How long does the cleaning work take?

The time required depends on the size of facilities and the availability of working hours depending on your shooting schedules.

In general, a small shooting club or a few range targets of smaller size usually require between one and two weeks to complete work.  Larger clubs may require two or three months of work.

- More questions?

All you have to do is call or send us an email.

We are a company that is dedicated exclusively to this field and our goal is to do the best work possible so that all shooting clubs are satisfied with our service.