How we work

General procedures prior to cleaning:

  1. Get in touch with us. We would be delighted to speak with you to have more information about your club.
  2. Tell us about your shooting club:- How long have you been open?

    - How many clay targets are thrown each year?

    - What is the type of ground and soil where the lead falls?

    - What types of shooting are practiced in your club?

    Get in touch with us and you will help us improve our work by responding to these questions.

  3. A simple agreement is signed in writing, so that everyone can easily understand the project.
  4. The Plomb & Ecologic team will visit the facilities and analyse the state of the grounds.
  5. Recovery of the material will be carried out on the days and hours that do not interfere with your shooting schedules: during the dates the work is being completed you may continue to use the facilities with complete normality.